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5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

May 3, 2021

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If each person in your family needs to visit a different dentist, it can get overwhelming trying to coordinate everyone’s appointments. If juggling different providers are getting in the way of everyone’s oral care, it may be time to switch to a family dentist.

Family dentistry is designed to offer services to patients of all ages so the entire family can enjoy quality dental care in one convenient location. Not convinced? Here are a few additional benefits to having a family dentist.

Comprehensive Services

Because they treat patients of all ages, family dentists offer the same services as pediatric and adult dentists—most may even provide a wider range of treatments than general dentists! Whether it’s installing braces on teenagers or designing dentures for the elderly, your dentist can provide several services so all members of the family can get their oral health needs met. 

Convenient Dental Care

You can consolidate your schedule by making one appointment for the entire family. From elderly parents down to toddlers, everyone in your household can receive the care they need in just one clinic. No more having to make several appointments with different providers—simplify your life and get all your needs met with a family dentist! 

Helps Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Dental phobia, or anxiety, is a common issue among children and adults. It’s usually developed at an early age and can prevent them from wanting to seek dental treatment. Fortunately, having a family dentist can help kids feel more comfortable with the experience.

Children will be able to observe their parents or siblings going in for a checkup or treatment and see for themselves just how safe and comfortable the process is. It’ll create a lasting impression that shows how dental visits are essential and nothing to be afraid of.  

Easy to Track Dental History

The most significant benefit of a family dentist is having everyone’s dental history in one place. Your dentist will be aware of any dental diseases, surgeries, allergies, or sensitivities that are on record, and can use that information to create suitable treatments. It makes it easier for them to monitor everyone’s oral health and act as needed—if some issues are genetic, they’ll know to be vigilant when treating other members of the family.

Lasting Relationship

If you stick to your family dentist for a long time, you may eventually build a strong relationship with them. Once each member of the family gets to know their dentist, they’ll likely feel comfortable enough to express any concerns they may have. It’s always easier to confide in a dentist that you know and trust, helping you get the most out of your dental experience.

It’s no surprise why many people are making the switch to a family dentist, as there are many benefits to be gained from seeing one. Make your life easier and get your family’s oral health needs met in one place—you won’t regret it.

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