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4 Debunked Myths About Dentures

April 19, 2022

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According to historians, dentures were used back in the 7th century. Naturally, they’ve evolved exponentially since then, especially with the help of modern technology. In fact, advancements in dentistry have resulted in them changing in the last two decades alone. So, it’s important to revisit what you know about this effective tooth-replacement option. To start, here are four common myths about dentures!

Myth #1: None of Them Are Customized

This myth is a bald-faced lie, as they aren’t all the same. Depending on patient needs, dentures can be made of different materials. Some, for instance, are made entirely of plastic. Some have plastic base material but ceramic teeth.

Furthermore, dentures are custom-made to address your unique dental needs. For example, if you’re struggling with moderate tooth loss, a partial can be made to seamlessly restore your smile and bite. On the other hand, if you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, a full denture or implant denture can be used.

Myth #2: They’re All Faulty & Unreliable

While cheap ones might fall out of your mouth, quality dentures will stay in place. Though expensive compared to more affordable models, well-made ones will remain secure during everyday situations.

A secure version would be implant dentures, a type that attaches to dental implants. Some of these screw into implants so they can’t be removed. Others of this kind are removable but fasten more tightly than traditional dentures.

Myth #3: They’ll Make You Look Ugly

Granted, cheap dentures probably won’t look attractive due to their fragile materials and cookie-cutter design.

However, high-quality ones utilize excellent materials and advanced principles to enhance your teeth and the rest of your face. By supporting facial features, the latter provides:

  • Plumped lips and cheeks.
  • Fewer mouth wrinkles.
  • Less loose skin under the chin and on the neck.

Myth #4: They All Require You Use Adhesives

If you get correctly fitting dentures, you may not need adhesive. After all, these adhesives are only used when there’s no other way of maintaining the seal between your gums and the prosthetic. In other words, the glue is often only necessary when dentures aren’t well-fitted to your mouth.

However, when they fit well, they maintain their seal solely through suction. Many people with high-quality ones find the tight fit means adhesive isn’t needed.

Now you know what’s true and false when it comes to dentures. If you want to learn more about the facts, talk to your dentist during your personal consultation!

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